jeff blantonJeff Blanton has over 30 years of guiding and has loved being on the water since he was a little boy. He has had the chance to film with Shaw Grigsby and also host and be on the Outdoor Addiction channel where they were featured on the sportsman channel and several local fishing channels. Most mornings start out around 6:00 am- 6:30 am, depending on the time change. He always meets and picks up the customer they are taking out. They usually troll the waters to see where the fish are and are always searching for the big one. 

“I can vouch that Live Oak has some big, healthy bass,” said Jeff. “It's not hard to put 50-100 bass in the boat for a full day of fishing.” They usually go in and take a lunch 

break with a delicious meal prepared by the chef. If you like southern hospitality, good food and fishing, you are definitely in the right place. “When guiding here at Live Oak, I always make sure I have my favorite lures with me which would be super flukes, senkos, suspending jerk baits, crank baits and top water frogs just to name a few,” said Jeff. He loves the water and loves every opportunity to get to take someone out. Not only does he enjoy fishing, he also enjoys teaching people how to fish and seeing them catch fish for the first time is just as rewarding to him! 

Barrett BreedenBarrett Breeden is 19 years old and has been guiding atLive Oak for 2 years. Fishing is his passion and always has been. Usually a typical day starts around 6:30 in the morning, he picks the customer up at the lodge and takes them to one of the many lakes at Live Oak and they get ready to launch the boat in the water. Usually a full day trip lasts eight hours and a 1/2 day trip lasts 4 hours.This is when the fun starts coming in when they can start catching bass. 

They troll the lakes the first four hours of the morning catching, then comes one of the other perks of fishing,LUNCHTIME. They always break for lunch around 12:00-12:30 and look forward to the delicious meal that is about to be served. You name it and Live Oak has it. After lunch they head back out for another afternoon on the water.Usually on an average day, they catch from 25-75 bass in a full day, sometimes even more ranging from 3 lbs all the way up to 10-11 lbs. Some of his favorite baits to use are deep diving crank baits, Spook, Lipless crank bait andZ Pop. 

Barrett says a day of fishing at Live Oak is like no other experience. 

“It's the best all the way down from the customer to the southern hospitality,” said Barrett. “To me it's a great get away from work and slow down and just live one fish at a time. To me, it's about the customer and the excitement on their face when they catch a big one.That's what fishing is all about!”

quinn brownQuinn Brown has been fishing since he was six years old and is entering his fourth year of guiding at Live Oak Plantation. Fishing is one of Brown's big passion's, along with tournament fishing. Brown started tournament fishing when he was just 14 years old and won first place in the tournament at the age of 14! Brown takes clients out on his bass Ranger boat. 

When he first started guiding at Live Oak Plantation, he said what made him want to come back and guide more was the treatment 

“Everyone treated each other as family, great bass fishing, lake management, southern hospitality and the meals were outstanding,” said Brown. “The first class fishing and meals would leave you wanting to come back for more” 

Brown starts his early morning or evening trips by making sure he has some of his favorite bait with him including: top water frogs, watermelon red wacky worms and whopper ploppers. 

“It's hard to find places in south Georgia where there is a good population and quality bass and plenty of food sources for the fish in these trophy managed lakes,” said Brown. 

The minute he launches his boat and puts his trolling motor down, he makes every minute count. The best part about guiding with Quinn Brown is that he loves the excitement on client's faces when they catch their personal best. 

After all, making memories that clients can take with them for many years to come is what it's all about at Live Oak Plantation.

davis carterDavis Carter has been fishing since he was a young boy and has been guiding at Live Oak for one year. Carter enjoys taking clients out on his Skeeter ZX225 bass boat. Nothing getsCarter more excited than seeing customers land a big bass in the boat and having a good time. 

"There's not many places in the southeast with the quality of lake management and an abundance of healthy largemouth bass and speckled perch,” said Carter. 

When fishing the lakes at Live Oak Plantation, Carter likes to use Poppin frogs, Buzz bait, Square bill crank bait and magnum speed worms.

While guiding, his day starts very early in the morning. He picks up his clients at the main lodge, and makes sure they are prepared for their trip, either full day or half day. He teaches new techniques and coaches new clients who have never fished before.

At the end of the day, Carter’s ultimate goal is to ensure memories are made, smiles are on client's faces, and fulfills one of the reasons people come to Live Oak Plantation- to catch big bass!

justin lanierJustin Lanier comes to Live Oak Plantation with a lot of experience. Lanier has been fishing since he was six years old and tournament fishing since 18 years old. When fishing, some of Justin's favorite baits to use are a poppin frog, walking bait, super fluke, whopper ploppers and a wacky worm just to name a few. 

“Any day on the water is a great day for him," said Lanier. 

While this is Justin's first year guiding at Live OakPlantation, we are excited to have him with us! While guiding at Live Oak, Justin starts his day by greeting his guests at the lodge and then they are off to the big lakes where all the excitement takes place. Justin uses a 2R20Triton to take guests out on. 

As a guide, Justin enjoys being able to show people how to fish and watching them catch their personal best gets him excited! 

“At the end of the day that's what it's all about, having fun and making memories,” saidLanier. “Live Oak has some of the best fishing and southern hospitality in the south.”

Art Redding has been fishing since he was able to walk.Fishing is definitely in his blood. He has been guiding atLive Oak Plantation for about 3 years and has loved every minute of it. When you visit out here, you will understand why. He usually starts his morning around 6:00-6:30. He arrives at the lodge to pick up his clients that he is taking out. They launch the boat in the water and put the trolling motor down and begin to hunt for the big ones and try not to stop until they have one or 50 in the boat. Somedays are tough, that's just fishing. “I like to start out using ultra vibe speed worms, uspended jerk bait, rattletrap, crank bait, Pop R and a whopper plopper,” said Art. “These baits seem to work well out here and the bass love them. If you're not from Georgia and you come to visit, you will surely be impressed by some of the best southern hospitality and food.” They look forward to lunchtime! “I do this because fishing is a passion of mine, but also meeting new people from all over who enjoy doing the same thing as me is very rewarding. I love when people have a good time and catch fish. After all, that's what it's all about,” said Art.

john robinsonJohn Robinson started fishing when he was four years old and hasnever stopped. He has a wife and two kids that also love going fishing.He has been guiding for 20 years and began guiding at Live Oak in2021. "One of the reasons I like guiding at Live Oak is it gives thecustomer an opportunity to catch their biggest fish of a lifetime on anycast,” said Robinson. “Live Oak Plantation has some of the prettiestscenery that one could ask for.” When Robinson begins his morning orafternoon trip, he picks up his clients from the main lodge and headsout to one of the lakes here at Live Oak, hoping to land the big catch inthe boat. When you step foot in his boat, he will help with advancingyour fishing skills with many different types of lures. His favorite way tostart the day is throwing crankbaits first, worms/jigs second,spinnerbaits and any type of top water lure. He runs a Skeeter ZX200rigged out with Garmin depth finders and a Minn Kota trolling motor.“Let's go fishing soon!!” said Robinson.

cody clearyCody Cleary has been guiding at Live Oak Plantation for 6 years.Clearing started fishing at the age of 3 and tournament fishingat 12. Cleary has a Phoenix 921 Pro XP boat that he uses to takeclients out on. He describes fishing at Live Oak "first class."

"The amount of healthy large bass is unbelievable," said Cleary. 

His favorite baits are top water frogs and slow dragging aworm. In his spare time, he also owns his own business andenjoys spending time with family, fishing, fishing and morefishing! He starts his day at Live Oak by meeting his clients atthe lodge, and off to lakes they go.

“After launching the boat, the trolling motor is down and we are on the hunt for the big bass,” said Cleary. “I enjoy fishing, it's a big passion of mine,but at the end of the day, it's all about the customer and watching them have a goodtime and catch fish. I love to fish, but I also love to teach and show each and every clienta good time on the water and putting fish in the boat."

leslie reddingLeslie Redding is a proud guide at Live Oak Plantation. Redding is a Hahira native andhas been guiding for 1 1/2 years at Live Oak. Whether it's guiding for Live Oak or fishing at 

his own leisurely time,you can find him on the water on his bassranger boat. Redding has been tournament fishing and guidingfor over 35 years, where he has won many tournaments alongwith angler of the year and big bass awards. 

Starting his day on the water, Redding first picks his clients upfrom the lodge and makes sure they have all their equipmentand tackle ready! When fishing at Live Oak, Redding personallylikes to use plastic worms, Rapala crankbaits, jerkbaits, superflukes and frogs. 

“Fishing is one of my favorite things to do, but when guiding it's 

it's a different story,” said Redding. “What gets me excited the most is seeing the clientcatch their personal best and being able to show people the ins and outs of fishing whenit's their first time on the water.”